Summit Beer Festival 2017

Summit Beer Festival 2017

Summit Beer Festival – my favorite beer fest of the year. Since the beer fest is tomorrow, I’m just going to cut straight to the chase.

Here’s a listing of the best ranked beers that are expected to be at the festival:


If you’re curious, here’s last year’s listing:

Overall there are fewer beers this year than last year. Yes, some brewers have yet to officially post their pours, but overall, the pack seems smaller.

But the beer is better this year. The average Beer Advocate and RateBeer score was 78, this year its 83. But not every great beer at the festival has a score on the list. Last year I discovered Dionysus Brewing in Bakersfield. This small brewery makes excellent sours, NE Style IPAs, and wicked IPAs. White Labs from San Diego is also an excellent choice off the charts. This small brewery specializes in yeast production, and brews different batches of the same beer, with different yeasts. No matter which breweries you decide to visit, you’re going to have a great time at the Summit Beer Fest.

See you all tomorrow!

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