Trader Joe’s Weekly Beer Ratings 1/22/2017

Trader Joe’s Weekly Beer Ratings 1/22/2017

Everyone has a weekend ritual. Ours includes baking pastries Saturday morning, going to the x street farmer’s market on Sunday morning, and raiding the Trader Joe’s on Folsom Blvd. Sunday afternoon. While TJ’s has some of the best snacks and sweets, no trip to Trader Joe’s is complete without a beer pick-up. And Trader Joe’s has a lot of beer. We counted more than one hundred beers on our trip to the Sacramento themed store this Sunday.

Faced with such a selection we did what we always do – checked Beer Advocate. We chose a six pack of Firestone Walker’s Luponic Distortion (91/100 on Beer Advocate). We’ve had Luponic Distortion before and it’s a safe bet for anyone who likes an IPA. But what about our next trip to TJ’s? How will we know what to pick? We’ll make a spreadsheet, of course.

Now, every week we’ll update our spreadsheet (found here: so that you too can pick the best beer TJ’s has to offer.

What’s your favorite beer that Trader Joe’s offers?



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